SYNTHRAY is an arcade game with a retro aesthetic where you create your RAYTAR weapon before you engage in the onslaught of enemies. When creating your beam gun, you choose modifications that enhance an offensive ability while sacrificing a defensive ability. 


Before starting each arcade synthrun, you add modules to your RAYTAR beam gun. Here, the possible module additions display their effect on your stats in the synthrun with a tooltip when the mouse is hovering upon them.
Inside the game, you utilize the beam gun through the following controls:

  • Point in the direction you want to shoot with the mouse
  • Shoot with the left mouse button
  • Run with WASD and arrow buttons


The game is developed by @bo_nyby and @esbenkc.

How to play

The game runs in HTML5 on this page.


SYNTHRAY Windows zip file 30 MB
SYNTHRAY MacOS zip file 33 MB

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