The Game

This game was made during 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam. All assets are made by me, Esben, as stated in the rules for the jam.

In this game, you play as an unfortunate guy stuck between two portals that spit out skeletons all the time. You try to destroy the skeletons and yay! You leveled up! You choose one of the upgrades but feel no different. "Oh well, it's probably just a battle ability," you think to yourself. Then some new skeletons come at you... Oh no... You upgraded the enemies! How will you ever escape!

The theme was: "The more you have, the worse it is". This was done through the way you upgrade the enemies instead of yourself when you level up. So, the more levels you have, the worse it is.


The instructions for the game are thusly:


Prospects of the Game

It is definitely not done in any way and many later enemies are missing animations (but can still hit you!). The time simply did not allow for it.

At the same time, a win condition is not present, which might complicate winning...

Another element that was quite important but did not get in was the concept of traps. Those were meant to be for the opportunity to not get xp from kills but still getting the points. This would counteract the frustration of not being able to do anything about the enemies' power-ups.


The game was made with these tools:

  • Game engine: Unity
  • Programming: Visual Studio Professional 2015
  • Graphics: Photoshop CC (animation done directly on sprite sheet (no onioning))
  • Audio: FL Studio for music, bfxr for sfx

No external items were used except audio samples for the music production in FL Studio

Answers to comments:

Thanks for the feedback everybody! I know the game is pretty buggy and lackluster feel-wise. I had to just upload it early because of an important test I wanted to be ready for the next day (driver’s license) - sorry for that!


There’s a lot of minor changes that I’ll probably fix once the votings are done in the LD jam - so save it in your bookmarks and play it again later (I think it would be unfair to update it now as that would be outside the compo time).

The attack range being farther than the animation was intentional as that would limit player frustration regarding the vice versa concept (the hit box being shorter than the animation). But it was probably too far, anyway.

The stats for the currently implemented units are as follows:

  • Normal skeleton stats: 5 damage, 10 hp, 3 speed
  • Christmas skeleton: 10 damage
  • Boots skeleton: 6 speed
  • Helmet skeleton: 20 hp

And the player:

  • Player stats: 5 damage, 40 hp, ~12 speed

Other enemies are just the base skeleton with another skin - did not have the time to finish it.


Menu navigation should have been more clear - it is not clear that the buttons can be clicked when gameplay does not include the mouse. This can probably be fixed by letting the user choose with the keyboard. The general travel time through the menus instead of instant respawn should probably be reevaluated as well.

Thanks to @niborious, @Maroovan, @the_BM, @Remco, and @MRUniverse for the valuable feedback 


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